My Heart Says


Welcome Back


"kom apa kombat,
bat apa batman,
men apa mentol,
tol apa tolak,
lak apa laksa,
sa apa satu,
tu apa tunang,
nang apa nangka,
ka apa kayu,
u apa u chumel..."
-ariff haiqal-

welcome back kaykaysaja.... after months without any updates.

I am back with the new hopes, to update this blog and set a new page hit target. btw, i am writing this post thousands of kilometers away from home. I am in Manchester, UK.

I get my new strength with my new HP laptop (thanks to bang chik for his credit card) hahaha.... sorry Sara (my previous P4 desktop. I will always miss you. I gave Sara to my lil brother as he really need a computer to finish his practical report.

guys, gimme some strength to blog.


~ Hajah Che Su and Haji Yusof who are always tough to face Muhammad Sufian's character for more than 23 years

Credit to photographer Abang Kamal

Manure was just lucky that evening.. damn!!!

On my way to Old Trafford Stadium

East Stand, dekat dgn entrance away fans :)

UK is full with statues

I love every moment with them...