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IHack is back!!!

RM 6500 to be won!!! Grab the chance now!! Only few days left to register and grab the chance to win RM 6500 + greatest experience + whole lot of fun to compete against other experienced and undiscovered hackers from all over the world. the event will be held from 17th - 19th August 2007 at Seri Budiman Hall, UiTM Malaysia Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia Shah Alam is organizing another greatest event of the year, The International Hacking Competiton 2007, which has been established is one of the master series among hackers. For those who want to test your skills and try the real platform of hacking, grab the chance now because only few days left for you to register for this great event.

There are two categories available which are Capture The Flag (CTF) and also Forensic Challenge (FC) and this year will offer more and more challenges and also newcomers which will make this event more intresting. There are 3 person per group for each category and participations are open to the public. Click here for more details about the rules and regulation.

Also available computer security seminar, talks, workshop, demonstration and many more. Registrations are now open and will be closed on 3rd of August 2007. What are you waiting for? Come and watch yourself the real world of COMPUTER SECURITY. It's not only a competition, it's fun, education and mystery...

Visit the IHACK official website now:

NEGARAKU insulted!!!!

Its been really long i havent post anything in this blog. All because our rusty broadband connection and also my router. I've been so busy for a few weeks with a lot of jobs and responsibilities on my shoulder, which i hope i can finish all of them with all my strength.

Actually i'm still working on my latest features of this blog but there are a lot of hurdles past by which really test my patience. Along the way, I found this video on youtube titled "negarakuku". I thought it was mispelled by the sender, however it wasn't. I was typed negarakuku with concern of the sender to enlighten the title of the clip 'negarakuku'. IT IS INSULTING!!!! i'm not a racist. i'm just a typical malaysian who love this country and willing to do anything to protect this country.

Why dont you make your judgement on this song and tell me about it.

King of Chaos Age 8

To all KOC-ers out there, i would like to inform you that King of Chaos Age 8 have been launched after few month it has been delayed. It is still a new beta version platform which seem to be similar with the previous Age. However you can get a new chance to build your own army with a larger amount from previous clickers. I used DDL_beta and also DDX_beta version which you can download from kocplanet.com. I really hope this age will provide a better competitons from all kings of chaos. Let us rule this world. Enjoy!!!

FA CUP final review....

Its been so long after my last post before my long holiday. I was planned to do some changes to my blog but still cant settle with a few more features. May be it would take a longer time than i expected.

I get my chance to watch the Malaysian FA cup final between Kedah and Perlis at Stadium Batu Kawan which produce a lot of controversies in the newspapers. Yes, you should believe it. I dont know who should be responsible for the problems. I heard that Kedah Football Association have requested to host the Final at Stadium Darul Aman which closer to both fans. However FAM still want it to be play at Batu Kawan. There's where all the controversies started.

I went with my brother and cousins at 3 PM and arrived at Stadium Batu Kawan at 8 PM. 5 hours tiring journey which should only take 2 hours the most during normal trip. The traffic was tremendously jammed from Sungai Dua toll exit to the stadium. At 7 PM i've been informed that the player's busses was only behind us including some officials from both teams and FAM. They were escorted by polices and a few bikes from Penang. However they cant manage to escape from the tremendous traffic jam.

The problem for me is the stadium itself instead of unexpected traffic and poor event management. The Stadium only offers one entrance for visitors and the same path to exit which is totally not suitable to held a big event like FA Cup Final. When police and other local authorities cant handle the crowd, it make the problem became worse.

We finally made it just before the game started. Kedah and Perlis start their game with winning spirits. However i can see that Perlis control most of the ball at the first half and Kedah take the game just after the second half started. The scoreless 90 minutes drag the game to extra time and finally penalty shooutout decided the winner of the game. Helme won the Player of the Match after he block Perlis shot since the first minute untill the penalty shootout. After the game, i take my time to join the cup celebration with Kedah player and only can get home at 4.3o A.M. only after police ask us to exit using alternative Palm Estates. Luckily, Kedah won the title and make all of us to forgive them for all the troubles we faced.

Semi final at Shah Alam Stadium

Loyal Kedah Crowd cheering for the FA CUP

Man of the Match

Saramsak, the Canaries Ace

Thumb-up from Khyril Muhaimeen

Hugging, the real Olubumi Adigun replacement

The cup of the year

Me and my fellas after the game

5-0 for Malaysia 50th birthday!!!

Malaysia is one of the hosts for this year's AFC championship alongside Thailand and Indonesia. It is a great honor for us since we're celebrating our 50th independent day this year. Our football team should be motivated with our national spirit along this tournament.

FAM who was responsible for our football scene has promised a very competetive challenge from our national team this year after they've been criticised for their previous performance. FAM is very keen in planning our football future from Barcelona Squa to Olympic Squad, then the Gemilang Project and also World Cup 2014 target which for me will never succeed with current leadership in FAM.

5-0 defeat to Uzbekistan shows how poor our football quality are, and yet they still dont realize the situation of our football team. The team, players, and management should have a total 'make-over'. May be not by Maybeline, but our ministers. Let the experts do the job. Not politicians who never play football, and dont even know about the game. What else should we wait? Just resign and let the people who know the game lead the FAM.

5-0 50 tahun merdeka 5-0 50 tahun merdeka