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Need For Song!!!

It's already 4.32 am but i still cant sleep. So i decided to write something that i really want to write from my heart.

Failed to search for your favourite song using Limewire?
Failed to search for your favourite song using Bearshare?
Failed to search for your favourite song using Morpheus?
Failed to search for your favourite song from Jiwang.org?
Failed to search for your favourite song using seekasong.com?

It must be really frustrating when you really want to listen to the latest song or may be your favourite song. It happened to me. So i think i need more option instead of the listed P2P software and napster kind of web. Of course i want something free. Hahaha however I suggest you go to Tower Record or Speedy Video and get original CD.

I was exposed to jiwang.org since my school age where i need to find my favourite malay songs. "Soehaimi Meor Hassan" was it. I had his original cassette while i was in form 3 (15 years old). Then my brother introduce me to morpheus, a P2P software almost the same like Limewire and Bearshare. Then i found seekasong.com web.

What?? You dont understand a thing? Actually i'm talking about MP3 and songs vault, where you can search and download your favourite song. You can click on the links above to find out more. May be i will write extra review about them in the near future. If you need the review just shout at the chatspace available in this blog.

Last week i was searching for Republic of Brickfields songs. I've been following this band since the vocalist was still in Koffin Kanser. I tried those sites and software but i cant find a thing. Then a chat buddy told me about ireansmusic. : http://music.ireans.com

I dont know how long this site exist, but i just knew about it. Ireansmusic provides you with local and foreign songs. Usually you can download the song directly, however some technical matters have limit this service. You need to be a VIP member to download the songs which i wish they wont continue because there a lot of songs have been uploaded there. Complete with lyrics and some reviews. I write this because for me you must try to log on to http://music.ireans.com. Register to be a member and you experience it yourself. Almost complete for a music website.

It's very convenience. You should try it yourself. You can save your disk space while you still can listen to your favourite song. The best thing is you can search for your favourite artist collection and also can request for a new song. Try it!!! It's free dude!!!

You want to find your favourite song using other option? Try these options:

Any suggestion or critics is always welcome. Thank you.

Online Cinema???

I've just finished my 1st class for this short course. QMT 337 or Operational Research class. Hahaha I dont know yet why I have to take this course but so far i just attend it in order to finish my study. (Blum mencapai tahap keikhlasan lagi). In the middle of the class i had a conversation with my classmates about Battle Royale 2 and also a friend of mine complaining about his hard disk space.

With plenty of time after class our interest is watching movies and one of the cheapest way is to download and watch it. (It's illegal but still an option, who care?). However when there are too many movies in your hark disk, it will decrease your hard disk capacity. It's a simple theory like the economy curve, "When demand increase, price will increase". I dont want to talk about economy, but i want to explain the hard disk and movies relationship.

I would like to come out with some solution. For those who dont have enough hard disk space but still want to watch movies, you can spend your money watching movies in cinema. C'mon..there are alot of options, TGV, GSC, Cineleisure, Cathay, and etc.

For those who dont want to go to cinema (because it's haram- i heard this during school time where my ustazah said it's haram because being in closed space, dark, very suspicious with non-muhrim). You can buy VCD or DVD at speedy video or Kedai Video Ahmad. Buy original one maa...

For those who really love korean, japanese, hong kong, hong leong, king kong and siamese movies, i have a great news for you. You can watch it online. And it's free. Yes...i know you'll like it, because Malaysian love freebies...hahaha you can visit http://aznv.tv/en . They provide free online cinema. It's not as easy as ABC.... more difficult than a peanut la....

  • You have to open or visit the web page first, if you dont do it, then you'll never be able to watch it.
  • You must register to be a member. It's free and so easy. It wont take so long to register.
  • Once you have registered, then you have to activate your account.
  • Then you can use the account to watch movies, drama, and anime online.
  • You can browse and search for any movies, drama, or anime that you prefer.
  • You can also read the review or synopsis.
  • Then you have to download the plugin or file that will connect you to the site. (small size file)
  • After that, double click on the file and you can watch it using Winamp.
Now you dont have to worry about your disk space anymore. Just visit AZNV.TV. Enjoy!!!

Try it yourself. If you have better bandwidth, u'll get better service.

Another boring day....

Second boring day without any activity. I just stay in my room while my housemate doing their practical training. I thought it's gonna be so wonderful staying here at my house during this short break after my final exam. However, busy doing nothing is like a nightmare for me. I miss my life back in Arau where i have plenty of things to do like camping, hiking and all sort of enjoyable things. I really miss hiking. Last time was Tahan Mountain XPDC with my roomates and other commanders.

Independent day

31st August 1957, a historical date where Malaysian were free from Britain!!!! Again we get the power to rule this country ourself. This is our country. Thanks to Tunku Abdul Rahman and all of our former leaders. Thank you.

It's not 31st of August i want to talk about. Not now i think. It's 16th of May that i want to share with you. The day that complete my life this semesters. 9 papers, and my heart told me that 1 or 2 papers i might lose in the battle. Yesterday (16.5.2007) I forgot to wish my teachers "SELAMAT HARI GURU". I was so busy with my oracle project that moment. Without teachers i wont reach this phase of life. Thank you so much for your passion to guide me but i know i wasn't a good student. I was the one who keep my teachers suffered from headache and may be nightmares. Hahaha lots of sweet memories during schools. Without teachers, we wont be who we are right now! Thank you teachers. "SELAMAT HARI GURU".

I finished my last paper on 13th May, then i have my last presentation on 16th. I have fullfill my dream to watch "SUMO-LAH" and "BAIK GILA". I really enjoyed both of 'em. I finished my paper at 5.15 p.m then i went back home and get ready for the celebration. I went to watch the theatre at 8 and after finished it, i went to Mid Valley to watch SUMO-LAH with Melissa, Asrul and Nurul. It was a real celebration but it did not end there. I went back at almost 4 a.m and I wacth "Hannibal Rising" before i fall asleep and end the marathon. "SUMO-LAH" is again a great job from afdlin but may be he focused too much of "moral advise" make it a bit dragging compared to Baik Punya Cilok, but afdlin artwork was never frustrating. Trust me! Go and watch Sumo-lah and you gonna feel another class from malaysian film-maker. You should be proud with it. "Baik Gila"? haha don't ask me because you need to watch it. Wan Maimunah, she a great actress with Raja Azrey and may be Cik Mat's name should also be credit since he's the one who create the mood for this theatre. Nurul AF2, another great talent which i think should be given a lot more chances and she can be a star one day.

I have a lot of thing to take care here. We'll meet again soon. Very soon.

13th of May

13th of May...i'll be free from any responsibilities...except for my final database project. I've a few dream to be fulfilled... First of all i want to spend my time with melissa, sorry coz the limit of time during this exam weeks, going to cinema and watch box-office movies!!! Yes!!! My friends watched spiderman while i was struggling for my exam, they'll watch sumo-lah tomorrow while i have 4 more papers, Pirates of Carribean, and last but not least, "Baik Gila" theatre. Yes!!!!

I really want to watch another souvinier from Afdlin Shauki since his "BULI" artwork which brought me to the cinema to watch the 1st Malay film. It's quite a shock when "sumo-lah" which should be launched last February was postponed until 10th of May. Together with "Spiderman" and "Lanun-Lanun Carribean", i think Afdlin can make us proud to see our local product competing with Hollywood box-office movies. "Malaysia Boleh" if it's Afdlin and Yasmin Ahmad. And anybody who can change our "kaki wayang" mind about Malaysian Movie Industry. We have talented producers and directors who really can make a real movie!!! Yes, i mean a real movie!!! not only some old lame jokes with the same faces jokers and all the cintan cintun, leleh leleh movie. I'm bored with those kind of movies. We have to move on with some new jokes, new ideas, new technology. For me, people like Afdlin and Yasmin Ahmad bring a fresh breath to our film industry. I heard Afdlin have a lot more "projects" like "CUCI", "LOS DAN FAUN" and "BRAVE" while Yasmin Ahmad have a new handfruit (buah tangan), "MUALLAF"

This is the synopsis of "SUMO-LAH" taken from www.sumo-lah.com :


The Sushi Restaurant Association of Kuala Lumpur is organizing their annual underground Sumo tournament. Boleh Sushi, a small sushi joint and last year’s runners-up, are short one fighter after losing their cook, Hassan. They have to find a replacement soon. They accidentally find Ramlee.

What would happen if a hotheaded and unambitious Malay man (Ramlee) was forced to enter the rigourous and challenging world of sumo? Would he give up on the trials and tribulations he finds himself committed to? Or will his relationship with the father-figure he never had create a purpose for him to rise above the challenges and endeavour to do his best?

Story Synopsis
Ramlee (Afdlin Shauki) is a down and out Malay boy who can’t seem to hold down a job, much to his mother’s (Kartina Aziz) disappointment. Out of a job and out of money, he stumbles across a challenge by sushi restaurant owner Honda (Patrick Teoh) to “eat all you can for free food – within a time limit”.

Hungry and desperate, Ramlee attempts the challenge, and fails. In compensation, Honda lets Ramlee take a job at the restaurant to pay off his due. Ramlee becomes a member of the Boleh Sushi shop staff, along with Haris (Awie) and Andy (Radhi Khalid). Ramlee is immediately attracted to Honda’s beautiful daughter, Siti (Inthira Charoenpura), who is half-Japanese and half-Malay. He begins to learn the meaning of having good work, good friends and family.

One day he learns that part of his obligation is to take part in the Malaysian Sushi Association Amateur Sumo Wrestling Championships held by the local Japanese owners of sushi restaurants.

Whilst taking part in the initial friendly bout, Akira (Gurmit Singh), Siti’s ex-boyfriend, humiliates him in public. It is only after that that Ramlee finds out that he had been tricked into working for Boleh Sushi because Honda was desperate for a third member for their team.

Ramlee has to make a choice – whether to stay on and fight for Boleh Sushi in the upcoming Championships, or to give up on his new-found family. He decides to step up to the challenge and begins training with the boys for the big fight.

He learns the meaning of the word “nokotta” – never give up, the fight is not yet won. He learns that no matter what the result, the honour is in fighting the good fight. Ultimately, Ramlee’s challenge is to let go of the excuses he has made for himself, and to fight till the end, no matter what."


"SUMO-lah" cant wait to finish my final exam and watch it.

Hehehe ramai-ramai kita pakat pi tengok!!! Free wei!!!

Doakan aku berjaya menghadapi 4 hari peperangan dalam dewan periksa...

From Ijok to San Siro.....

Thursday...and i've just finish my 4th paper. Still 4 more to go.

First of all i would like congratulate Barisan Nasional (BN) for winning the Ijok N11 election. Congratulation Mr. K. Parthiban for winning the seat. Never forgotten to the opposition party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who give a really tough fight for BN. BN win with majority 1,850 votes.

I followed this election from the internet and i can see a lot of changes where internet have been an important medium for both parties to present their "propaganda" and all their good and bad stories. That's why i dont like politics....it's like an alphabet, hidden inside a big box. One side would say "A", and another side would say "B". Nobody would know either it's "A" or "B", or may be it's "C". The worst part is watching my brothers and sisters fighting each other, throwing bottles and sticks during "Hari Penamaan Calon". Nothing else more important than that? Do they solve any problem with that kind of behaviour? What would they say to the teenagers who did the same thing? Hahaha...may be they would uniquely classify them as "rempit", "black metal", or may be "budaya hedonism". So who's the rempit? Who's the black metal? And who's the hedonism? My god.... Another intresting part is after the 'throwing-throwing' incident, both side blame each other for starting the "passionate" riot. Hahaha... it reminds me during my pre-school year when teacher ask all the students who started throwing papers, the girls would say "Boys started first" and boys would say, "Girls started first".

Come on! Try to do something more beneficial. This is only my personal advice from my personal point of view. What if you spend your time and money to the orphans who really need love and care? And may be go home and take a look at your children. For the teenagers who involved in the "riot", go home and look after your parents and brothers. Show them your love instead of shouting and yelling and throwing objects. How i wish i can undestand them. Hahaha.....However, i really enjoy reading all the stories from the Ijok election. The "sweetest event" in Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Hahaha let us show the visitors and the "most" peace and harmony country in this planet.

May be enough funny story from Ijok. After election "game", i've been entertained with a Champions League football "game". Congratulations tu Liverpool and the Kop's fan for qualifying the CL final. Also to AC Milan who beat Man Utd 3-0 at San Siro. I really enjoy watching Gattuso battling the game. Just look at his expression before he's been booked. So fierce and full with passion. Credits to Man Utd young lads who really fight till the final whistle. They really showed their passion even they knew the are 3 goals behind. That kind of spirit should be respected. Never forgotten to Chelsea who might be unlucky to qualify da CL finale. So, Athens this year, AC Milan vs Liverpool. We'll see what will happen when Kaka meets Momo Sissoko and Gerard meets Gattuso. I'm hoping for a "battle royale" at Athens.

That's all from me...i'm so sleepy after 2 days of footballs and books. Its time for my pillow and blanket...huhuhuhu see ya!!!


LIGHT READING.... (Bacaan Ringan di kala Exam)

Pengalaman Pertama Bermain..

Aku ingin berkongsi pengalaman pertama aku bermain dengan perempuan. Ini bukan fantasi dan memang betul-betul terjadi. Tahun 2000 adalah tahun dimana ekenomi Malaysia agak lembab. Disebabkan gaji yang kena potong aku berpindah ke rumah sewa yang agak murah di luar Kuala Lumpur. Aku enyewa sebuah rumah kampung berkongsi membayar dengan teman2 yg lain.Disebabkan aku bekerja syiff, tidur aku tak menentu. Kalau kerja pagi aku> tidur malam dan kalau kerja malam aku tidur sianglah. Nak jadikan cerita jiran aku tu adalah sebuah keluarga kecil lebih kurang 3 orang anaknya. Yang bungsu 3 tahun, kedua 12 th dan yg ketiga anak gadisnya, berusia 18th. Jika aku pulang kerja syif malam aku senang membasuh terus pakaian aku dan akan aku sidai di ampaian yang bertentangan dgn bilik anak gadisnya yg sulung.

Setiap kali aku menyidai kain bajuku, aku perasan ada sepasang mata di celah2 tingkap cermin memerhatiku. Tapi aku syak mesti anak gadisnya itu. Tekaan aku rupanya tepat bila maknya memanggil “Yati!!!!”, lantas bergemalah satu suara dari bilik itu dan menyahut, “ya, mak!!!”. Aku pendekkanlah ceritaku ini. Entah macamana pada hari yang lain aku menyidai kain bajuku, anak gadisnya juga menyidai kain bajunya juga kerana ampaian kami bertentangan kedudukannya. Maka dari peristiwa itulah titik tolak perkenalan kami. Setiap kali aku sidai baju mesti dia sidai baju juga dan kami sering bertanya kabar dan berbual2 mesra. Satu hari dia tanya aku, “Siang ni you free tak?”

Aku yg terpinga-pinga bertanya balik, “Ada apa?” “I nak tumpang bilik youlah, kawan you pun kerjakan?” Berderau darah aku lantas terpacul selamba suaraku “Eh…no problem” “Bilik u ada TV?” tanya dia lagi “Ada!!!” balasku dengan kehairanan “Kalau macam tu baguslah..u tunggu kat bilik, lagi 1/2 jam i datang.” Aku pun dengan dada yg berdebar2 menunggunya sambil memerhati jam di dinding dengan perasaan yg tak sabar. Setengah jam berlalu tiba2 Tuk! Tuk! Tuk!

Pintu bilikku berbunyi. Tanpa membuang masa aku membuka pintu bilik dan Yati dengan tshirt ketatnya tersenyum sambil tangannya menjinjing beg plastik yg aku tak pasti apa isinya. Tanpa membuang masa dia terus menuju dan men’switch on’kan tv aku dan terus membuka barang di dalam beg plastiknya. “U biasa main tak?” tanya Yati

“Tak biasa” jawab aku “Tak pe i ajar u, step by step. U tengok i punya permainan dan lepas tu u pulak main, nanti dak okey kita main sama2.”ujarnya panjang lebar. Tak sampai 1 jam permainan yg diajar oleh Yati, aku dah okey dalam permainanku dan kami kini bermain bersama-sama. Kadang-kadang turn aku dulu kemudian turn dia pulak. Fuhhhh….Syok ape…Gian beb, dan dengan selamba aku pun tanya, “Eh, mahal tak Playstation yang u beli nie?” tanya aku “Mahal juga, itupun ayah yang belikan” jawab Yati “I ingat nak belilah satu, bulan depan” aku bersuara dgn penuh minat “Eloklah, esok nanti Yati tak yah nak bawak Yati punya PS lagi” Yati menjawab dgn senyum.

Lebih kurang 2 jam bermain, Yati minta diri dan kami brsalaman. Untuk kekawan, itulah pengalaman prtama aku bermain Playstation dengan seorang aek. Aku harap korang terangsang dengan cerita enar aku ini….

kenapa tak percaya ye??.. hang ngat main ape??? ahak ahak.. jgn mare haa..”

courtesy of mykakis.net