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I'm sorry because i cant post new updates... I'm working with a few new features. So i hope you guys can be patience and keep on blogging.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Lurve... Enjoy...

Foreign TV programmes that you should watch!!!

Yesterday i spent the whole night with youtube watching a few tv programmes from US and UK. The first programme was Britain's Got Talent. This is a reality show searching for unique talent from ordinary people. The most attractive contestant is Connie Talbot, a 6 years-old girl, who has sweet and beautiful voice singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Ben" which attract Simon and other judge. You can watch Connie and other Britain's Got Talent finalist at youtube.

Another great programme is MADtv which spoof video clips, drama and tv shows. This one really drag me until morning. A must seen tv programme which i think you won't get the chance to watch it at our local TV stations. So i bring the MADtv programme where they spoof the "HEROES" series. Enjoy....

Another tv programme that awake me along the night is The Maury Show. I dont know how to describe this show. I haven't watch any tv programme like this before. They discover the social problems in USA and try to find the solution with bringing all parties together and discuss about it. Just watch it yourself!!! Enjoy...

Just enjoy it.....

FA CUP semi final report!!!

I've just came back from Shah Alam Stadium to watch Selangor vs Kedah for FA Cup second-leg match. I went with my housemate, roommate and my brother, and we're suprised to see thousands of "Hijau Kuning" fan floating the stadium. I heard the Kedah fan club sent 20 buses from Kedah, and also a few more corporate sectors sponsoring a few more buses. That spirit inspired the Kedah team to fight till the last blood!!! I would also give merit to the Selangor team for their football spirit to fight until the final whistle. Congratulation to Kedah and Perlis, good luck for the final in Batu Kawan.

The game wasn't so exciting at the first half where Kedah play defensively to defend their 2-0 advantage in the 1st leg. However, Selangor keep on trying to find the net with their striker Akmal Rizal who was injured and been substitued at the end of the first half. The free kick before the first half whistle change the rest of the game where Selangor get their first goal from the beautiful curve free-kick.

The second half was more intresting where both team started attacking and few chances has been saved by the keepers. They showed great performance to saved the try from both strikers. Marlon, the Kedah striker, equalised 10 minutes before the final whistle which bring Kedah to the final with 3-1 aggregate. They will face Perlis who stopped Johor Pasir Gudang at Stadium Utama to win 1-0 and qualify with away-goal advantage.

When I came back and start surfing, i found a very bad news for Arsenal Fan! Their French ace, Thierry Henry have confirms his transfer to the Catalan Club, Barcelona FC. I'm still waiting for Arsene Wenger statement and explaination for this big move and i really want to hear the Arsenal Plan for this coming season. I will post more update after I finish my exam this Tuesday. See ya guys...Enjoy...

Zikr @ zikir....

It's 0117 hrs according to my clock. I've just watched Linkin Park and Muse video clip at channel V. Singing together with the video clips. Suddenly i wonder, how many times i pray zikr in a day? It's really dissapointing. Then i remember about munajat zikr which i always pray while i was in boarding school. It's been so long i didn't do qiyamulail. I really miss those days. While i browse through youtube typing "zikr", luckily i found "zikir munajat" by Ustaz Badrul Amin. Technology really helpful in dakwah. I hope i can share it with you in my blog. Enjoy...

Malaysian Study Plan?

Hahaha i read about this in my friend's blog. I hope i can share it with you. Since malaysian are "obses" with celebrity, being a singer, actor and actress. The growth of reality tv shows have somehow, change the mind of our people. That's what this image are trying to tell us. You can ask yourself about it....

It doesnt mean i'm againts the reality tv show. But dont get too "obses" with them. Take it as an entertainment. Enjoy...!!!

Login to youtube with google account!!!

Good news for all google user. Now you can log in to youtube using your google account. Intresting right? This feature started since google bought youtube and take over youtube. So you can upload your video and share it with youtube community easily. Seems like youtube is expanding their business group. You can enjoy more features from google who is competing with other company like yahoo and microsoft. Enjoy!!!

Go to Google: www.google.com
Go to Yahoo: www.yahoo.com
Go to MSN: www.msn.com

How vulnerable your house is?

Do you think your house is safe enough for you and your family? Also for your personal items? I think you will think twice after you watch this video. I hope you can learn something about home security from the video. You can also watch other new-age scam related to the video from youtube. Enjoy!!!

If that video is still not enough for you, may be another video will convinces you that your home security isn't enough to keep your family safe.

The KayKay dan Padel funny stuff...(viewer discretion advised)

Hahahaha.... I laugh all night long after i received 2 pictures from my buddy gomez012. It's funny although it's not appropriate for some people. I dont want to talk about the content of the pictures, but the creativity about it.

Hahahahha cool!!! All of the content have been written by Gomez012 . Dont blame me if you find it annoying. If you want to try it, visit fodey.com . Yes!!! Try it, because you can test your creativity to generate your own newspaper, cigaratte boxes, also your own clapper board just like mine! Enjoy!!!

For more details, visit: fodey.com

EPL opening fixtures

The Premier League fixtures have been announced for the 2007/08 season with some interesting pairings for the opening week. The transfer window is still open for all the team to select their team which show that lots of rumours flying around the europe. I'm sure fans would be excited with the new league campaign where all the teams would come with new faces and also new kit. Some of them also had new management team and changes in tactical.

Here, I would like to show some of the fixtures courtesy of skysports.com.

Opening Day: 11 August.
Arsenal v Fulham
Aston Villa v Liverpool
Bolton v Newcastle
Chelsea v Birmingham
Derby v Portsmouth
Everton v Wigan
Man Utd v Reading
Middlesbrough v Blackburn
Sunderland v Tottenham
West Ham v Man City

Tuesday, 14 August 2007
Birmingham v Sunderland
Portsmouth v Man Utd
Reading v Chelsea
Tottenham v Everton
Wigan v Middlesbrough

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Barclays Premier League
Blackburn v Aston Villa
Fulham v Bolton
Liverpool v West Ham
Man City v Derby
Newcastle v Arsenal

Saturday, 18 August 2007
Birmingham v West Ham
Blackburn v Arsenal
Fulham v Middlesbrough
Liverpool v Chelsea
Man City v Man Utd
Newcastle v Aston Villa
Portsmouth v Bolton
Reading v Everton
Tottenham v Derby
Wigan v Sunderland

For further fixtures you can refer to skysports.com and also at your team official websites.

Hijab and why?

Wearing hijab is an obligation to moslem women. It's part of covering your aurat from men. The are a lot of benefits and secrets of wearing hijab. The hottest topic about wearing hijab is it can control social problems and sexual abuse. But why some academics and celebrity always said "Hey, you can see in the prime news that people wearing hijab still get caught with misbehaviour and rape victims are children. Men should control themself."

For those who already wear the hijab, i think you might know the real purpose of wearing it and study the Quran verse that instruct you to wear it. It's a symbol of your faith and dignity.

For those who didn't wear it, you should know the impact of not wearing it. The most important thing is never ever give excuses for not wearing it and also never ever argue with the obligation to wear it.

The beauty of following the religous rules will be revealed only if you really understand the reason why it say so. I'm not an "ustaz" to lecture you about this topic, but i'm just doing my job reminding other moslems about our obligation.

Here i would like to share a video that i watched long time ago, but after last maghrib, my mind kept on thing about it and drag me to share it with all of you. It'll only take a few minutes.

Arsenal new Controversy kit!!!

Shocking news for Arsenal Fan! Arsenal have launched their new controversial white kit to be used in the 2007/08 season! The new kit celebrates the innovations of Arsenal's legendary manager, Herbert Chapman. They have changes from the usual red kit to white as a respect to Mr. Chapman. Can't wait for the next season! I have to save my money to buy one!!!

The new kit will be released on July 5, and is available for pre-ordering at the club's online shop now.

Crazy guy!!!

This guy is crazy!!! You watch the video first, then tell me either you agree or not.

After Fever to Remix

I'm so sorry because i haven't update this blog for a long time. Even there are a lots of thins in my mind, but still need a bit of courage to write it. I've been to kelantan last weekend because my brother is engaged. Her fiancee is from Tanah Merah Kelate. The whole family gathered in another vacation. We stayed at Perdana Resort, Pantai Cahaya Bulan. The sweetness of a family gathering is more than anything even the long journey was really tiring! I drove back to Kedah and had to drive again to Kelantan, which really testing my body. The best thing is i get the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family!!!

You must be curious why i was excited with my family gathering. It's been so hard to gather everybody in my family except for special and lucky occassion. Even we cant hang out together during hari raya since few of them were married and celebrated with their in-law's family. We studied in boarding school during our childhood time which have separated us, after study averybody have their own commitment. So, a family gathering is something so special for me and or my family. Only once or twice in a year.

When i got back to Shah Alam, my friends have asked me to update my blog. Yes i really want to update it, but i just need time to recover back from the long journey to Kedah+Kelantan. When spend my time in front of my PC, i found a few remix song on youtube. One of them is The Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z and Dre + Eminem. So cute!!! Yes absolutely. May be i should learn how to do it in the future. It was genius. Why we, Malaysian, didn't learn to do it? Somebody should try to remix few malay songs to make it more intresting + fresh. Enjoy the song...

God Bless Pak Lah!!!!

Pejabat Perdana Menteri


Dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan bahawa YAB Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan melangsungkan majlis akad nikah dengan Jeanne Abdullah pada hari Sabtu 9 Jun 2007 bersamaan dengan 23 Jamadilawwal 1428 Hijrah.

Jeanne Abdullah dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur pada 29 Julai 1953 dan merupakan anak sulung daripada empat orang adik-beradik. Beliau menerima pendidikan di Sekolah Menengah Assunta dan mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam bidang pentadbiran dan penghotelan setelah terlibat dalam pengurusan beberapa hotel terkemuka di Malaysia, termasuk Hotel Hilton Kuala Lumpur dan Hotel Pan Pacific. Jeanne juga pernah bertugas sebagai Pengelola kediaman rasmi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Pengurus Kompleks Seri Perdana.

Jeanne mempunyai dua orang anak, Nadiah dan Nadene.

Majlis berkenaan akan diadakan di Seri Perdana dan akan dihadiri oleh keluarga terdekat sahaja.

you can view the full announcement at PM website: Prime Minister of Malaysia

response from my friend:
1) Dah agak dah...
2) Kawen lagi? Eh, dia da duda kan....

3) Huh? Pak Lah Kawen Lagi? Dengan Sapa?
4) Deje...Pak Lah Kawen dulu dari aku...
5) Sampai ati kawen xajak aku...
6) Wah...ada nadiah dgn nadine...ada harapan ganti "khairi"

I wish all the best to our Prime Minister, congratulation!!! May Allah bless him.

Get Updated!!!

Last week I went to Low Yat with my friend to buy a hardisk and RAM. I haven't been there since last July where my housemate bought some gadgets for our LAN. I can feel the same atmosphere like my first time there. Low Yat and Imbi Plaza are the computing paradise in Malaysia. You can find almost anything you need from PC hardware, software, mobile gadgets and also other electronic equipments. It's a perfect place for a perfect price.

My friends always complaining about problems while buying a PC or laptop. Yes, everybody might feel the same if they have limited knowledge about computer world. Price are changing every week while new technology have been invented daily. So it's really hard to follow the growth of technology. Don't panic!!! Human create technolgies...so we still can catch their growth. No need to panic!!!

Here I would like to share two most popular link that might help you buying or building a new PC.

1) www.hardwarezone.com.my

HardwareZone provides enough knowledge about computing world including tech guides, latest technology in mainboards, graphics, mobile phone, notebook and many more. I really like this page since it really help me in comparing the hardware and technology in computer world. You can also get the latest price of hardware sold in low yat by downloading the latest price list from variety stores. For me, my personal price guide would be from SRI Computers Sdn Bhd, All IT Hypermarket and also Jayacom. You may also compare the price from different stores before you buy it. HardwareZone also highlights selected technology to be discussed. There you can get useful knowledge about computing stuffs. Nothing more I can say about it, just try it yourself. Visit now at Hardwarezone.com.my.

2) www.lowyat.net

LowYat.net provides you the information you needed about computer world. They give different way of presenting computer technology to the community. As for beginner, LowYat.net will serve you as informational web with interactive presentation. You can also visit their forum tand share your point of view. It's simple but very informative. You should click the link yourself. Trust me! I like their review about new technology. Very simple, but easy to understand. Visit www.lowyat.net now!

p/s: i'm going back home tomorrow night after test! cant wait to meet my parent and nephews!!

Lets Play Some Game!!!

I think this is something that i really want to share with all of my friend. Playing online game. May be you're not a "gamerz" but already bored with internet, PC, assignments, pets and also your annoying collegue. Hehehe let me share some online game that i used to play.

1) Fantasy Premier League

I've been playing this game for 4 years. Only the latest season i dropped a lot since most of my key players have injured. This is your chance to manage your own Fantasy team selected from the players in the Premier League. It's almost the same with other fantasy football. However i like this game by the way they rate EPL players and also because it's free. All you need to do is register your team, select your players and join a league.

'screen-shot from fantasy premierleague'

You can also create your own league and play with your friends. You'll be provided with 100 pound and select your player according to your budget. Each player have their own price (eg: henry will cost $14) and you have to choose 15 other player including the substitue. Wait for the new EPL season and try it yourself. Visit fantasy.premierleague.com by clicking the link given.

2) Kings of Chaos

This is a text-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

The premise of the game is that each player is a warlord of his or her own army, composed of soldiers of one race. The four races are Humans, Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves. Players gain soldiers by recruiting friends into their army through the use of a special unique recruiting link issued to each player. Each soldier can be trained into four different specializations, which affect the user's statistics in each of the four skills as well as the amount of gold that is received per turn, which occurs twice per hour.

These skills are:

  • Strike Action
  • Defense Action
  • Spy Rating
  • Sentry Rating
For those who love Lord of The Ring should play this game since the characters are base on the movies. Visit www.kingsofchaos.com .

3) Xpert Eleven

Xpert Eleven is the game where you can challenge your friends in the noble art of coaching a football team. Get your friends together and create your own league system. It is completely free to play Xpert Eleven. You can either create your very own league or join an existing league.

If you want a greater challenge you can join one of official Xpert Leagues and try to make it to the Xpert Champions League and ultimately the Hall Of Fame. Show everybody who's the real Xpert!

I consider Xpert Eleven to be a social game that everybody can play. It's easy to play, but hard to master. I know about this game from my carnales who invites me to play with our school brotherhood. Why dont you try it yourself? Visit www.xperteleven.com .

4) For those who would like to try other online game, u can visit www.free-games.com. This is the vault of free online games. You may also read other user's review before you fall in love with the game. Visit the page by clicking the link. www.free-games.com

5) If you get bored with your PC. Dont smash it because you can find a lot of funny flash games at www.flash-game.net. Go to the page and select the games provided. It's funny, cute and simple. Visit the page by clicking on the link given. www.flash-game.net.

If you still bored. Got nothing to do. Turn off your PC and go somewhere elses because if you stay there, you might injured your own PC. Love your PC. Enjoy guys!

YM very trouble maa...?

Lately, I always have problems with YM (Yahoo Messenger). Log out automatically, unable to login, problems with sending photos, sharing photos, and etc. I think you might face the same problem with me. Here i would like to share with you some solution that i think might help you in a very critical situation.

When you face the same problem like mine, first of all DONT PANIC!!! it is very important during critical situation. If you get panic, u might get heart attack and you might die. So calm down because i have some solution.

You can use these methods if you're really addicted with YM.

You can visit www.meebo.com if your PC dont have Yahoo Messenger. It's a good option while using office PC or at the cyber-cafe. Meebo will allow you to log in to multiple instant messaging service like google talk, yahoo messenger, msn messenger and aim. You can discover meebo yourself at meebo.com.

For windows, if your YM is having problems, then you can install GAIM application which i found it more stable than YM. GAIM also allow you to login to your Instant Messaging account. This Windows version of the open-source client lets you log in to and communicate on multiple IM networks, including AIM, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN Messenger, Yahoo...the list goes on. Get it now and replace your YM.

Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. It's almost the same with GAIM software, only it provide different interface. The latest version is Pidgin 2.0.1 which is more stable than older version.

So, you dont have to worry if your YM gone crazy, because you still can chatting with your friends without installing Yahoo Messenger. Try it yourself. ENJOY!!!