My Heart Says



Bobon's Sony Ericson alarm clock woke me up only after hours of sleep. Damn!!! hehe

Dear friends,

If anyone find a bunch of keys with Arsenal keychain, please contact me asap. I lost my key bunch (bike's key, house key, room key, PC key, ka-key, la-key,) hehehe. Careless me. I was so careless along the week. Last nite my manager found my tag (access card) in the refrigerator!!! It was my turn to buy coffee and I kept all the coffee in the refrigerator. I left my access card together with the coffee. Crazy la.....

Not the exact taxi image

The day I lost my keys, I took commuter home and I stopped at Subang Jaya station. However Mimmie cannot fetch me there so I decided to take a taxi from there. I asked the taxi driver whether he can go to my apartment, "Yes" he answered. "15 ringgit la..." What? I told him I want to use meter, and he asked me to find another taxi. No choice, so I just hop on that taxi. Along the way that "blood sucker" was talking about National Spirit, Malay unity, bla..bla..bla... Come on dude, you just "pau" your 'own people' and you are talking about unity and nationalism.
"Adik, kita sekarang kena bersatu padu, kalau tak kita akan ditindas orang..."
Look who's talking...

But I do agree with his point. :)

I miss them.....

Me and Eiman at St. Edwood Park

Me, Ariff and Mak - "Smile"!! and thats his 'smile'

Friday is best working day because Saturday is always a holiday.. :)

I miss both my nephews Eiman and Ariff. Two boys with different characters but they are really naughty. Eiman Hazim bin Kamal Izzuwan and Ariff Haiqal bin Ainuddin Yushar. Jom main bola!!!

Life is boring without them but restless once I meet them. hehehe