My Heart Says


Home Sweet Home...

Home is always sweet for me. Home always remind me about my family, the green paddy field, the insects during night, the laugh and tears and all the thing that always make me smile. I wonder how it looks like now. This week's gonna be my first salary at the company. I cant wait to go back to my hometown, meet my parent, and bring 'em to a dinner with my own salary. I already buy the tickets for this weekend. Sorry to my sister and bro-in-law who cannot go back at RM 31.60 one way. Hahahaha.....

Its always green at home

The paddy field

I bought the tickets at Petronas Seksyen 7. Feel so lucky coz i didnt have to go to the Shah Alam bus station at sec. 17. It's really convenience coz petronas already provide the service. But something quite uncomfortable in my eyes is, most of the workers at the petrol station are foreigner. I dunno either they're from Bangladeshi or Nepalese or any other country, but the most annoying thing is the customer service there, so bad!!! I mean it. I used to work at a petrol station before, and also in a few customer service fields, so the service at that petrol station i would describe as sucks. First, communication problem. It's really hard to communicate with them. You wont be greeted, and also thanked! (WTF, this is basic in customer service). Dont expect any friendly service from them even if you give them a sweet-loving smile. Second, they work so damn slow.

This is not my first time experiencing this lousy service from foreigner. If you really observe their work, you'll notice not all of them are that hardworking as it has been promoted by most of the employer. For me, it's just an excuse from them. I really dont understand why employers really like to hire those foreigners instead of locals. What is wrong with Malaysians? Who said Malaysians dont want those jobs? Choosy my ass! Employer are just covering their ass. They always come out with a lot of reasons, condemn local people to cover their bank account. FCUK those kind of employers. How many unemployed out there? How many foreigners bringing our "ringgit" to their country? Employers would still have to pay the deposit which costs thousands of ringgit for a foreign worker. But they rather spend those money instead of hiring locals. I wont mind hiring foreign workers if those kind of jobs really need foreign expertise where we can share it with our people. And i wont care if no more Malaysians available to be hired. The fact is there are hundreds of thousands young and freshmen out there doing nothing, lost their confidence, wasting their energy, because or own people denying our own capabilities. What is so special with the foreigners until me ignore our own breed. Government? They would prefer thinking about Mercedes Benz E-class, "who sodomize who", how to cheat the rakyat, how to be rich! Same thing goes to the opponent. Everyone is saving their own ass, manipulating and acting here and there...bla..bla..bla...

Dear Pak Lah, Anwar, Najib, Hadi, Shahrir, Karpal, Kit Siang, KJ, those who are involve in politic, stop the drama. Da nak muntah dah ni!!!!! We know what all of you did! Nothing than "menjaga kepentingan sendiri"! Stop it right now because there are "rakyat", the "real rakyat" who are starving out there, there are rakyat who cannot get the proper education while you are sodomizing the rakyat money. There are families who quarrel about their budget while you are accusing each other. There are someone daughter being cheated by some moron while you're focusing on your "jawatan", your percentage, your son, your wife, your bank account. There are someone's son taking drugs because they got no jobs, and cannot imagine their future. Wake up the leaders of Malaysia. Malaysian feel sick with all of you. You are quarreling like facing the election while its already passed. Wake up... Plan something beneficial to all the rakyat, do something good to the rakyat. Malaysia belong to the rakyat!

Harith Iskandar Standing Comedy @ Actor Studio

Do you recognize the cute bald man, with fair skin and cute tummy? He appeared in many Malaysian film like Sepet, Baik Punya Cilok, co-star in most of the Afdlin Shauki’s movie, few more local movies as an Englishman, hosting his AH-HA tv show with his mate Afdlin Shauki and a lot of theatres. Harith Iskandar is one of the best standing comedian in Malaysia. He’s well recognize with his baldness and dry jokes (lawak kering). He is genius in manipulating his audience, and we wont feel bored watching him on stage. He is brilliant. Now, Harith Iskandar is back with another performance “Harith Iskander’s I Dunno” at Actor Studio in Bangsar. Don’t miss this chance…. The show will be held from30th of July until 3rd of August. Tickets will be sold from RM68-RM88 (adults) and special student’s price is offered at RM 38 only. What are you waiting for? Grab this chance. For more details, visit: www.theactorsstudio.com.my

Dont boil your egg in a heater....

FCUK!!! Today i reach my office earlier than before. Why? Because some smart ass guys boil his egg(chicken) in the water heater. Damn.... Usually, early in the morning, i make myself a cup of coffee, and take my breakfast while heating my superbike's engine. But yesterday, i found some white particles inside the water heater. I tried to wash it over and over again and later i realized that it is EGG. Damn!!!!! It smell like...WEKKKKK! I washed it times after times, siap dah samak sertu lagi. But i couldnt get rid of the essence (HANYIR). Damn it! Dont boil your egg using water heater smart ass. Other people want to use it to make coffee dumb ass........

Looking for a suitable wedding ring?

For those who plan to marry soon, dont forget to invite me pal. I would like to share with all of you some great wedding ring for you and your partner. Some might feel difficult to find a suitable wedding ring for their historical moment of life. Dont worry, it wont be a pain anymore.

For networking partners and also computer geeks. This one suits you.

Dont feel geek enough? Try this binary ring.
Wedding doesnt mean you're screwed.
You're meant for each other.
Enjoy your marriage fellas!!!

Coke and Petrol

Coke and Petrol. Enjoy your coke, coz the oil price will hike again.

Anwar Ibrahim, Saiful, Najib and Paklah solution!!!

The condition is getting worse. The sodomizing story already getting bored. I wish someone would dare to film this story. Blockbuster for sure!!!! Its really annoying to read the newspaper, watching news, come on...... come up with other story. Everyday "SODOMY", "ALTANTUYA", "NAJIB", "ANWAR", "PAK LAH", "ROSMAH", and "change your lifestyle". Lets move on, play it simple. It's even worse than a dragging love story where the hero and heroin couldn't find a way to get back together while the audience already know that they will, somehow. The director is keeping the story more difficult and dragging the audience with unnecessary plot while we're waiting for the climax.

Dont waste your time. Who have the guts to grab the Perlis Mufti suggestion to settle this political plot? Watch this video and me, "Kaykaysaja" as one of The Rakyat who already getting bored by this plot, "WE CHALLENGE DS ANWAR IBRAHIM AND SAIFUL TO MUHABALAH REGARDING THIS SODOMY ISSUE". And I also challenging PAK LAH to come out with this solution if he has guts to bring up this solution.

part 1

part 2

End of story.