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How to Increase Your Internet Bandwidth?

Slow Internet bandwidth?
Tired of waiting Mozilla or IE opening your web?
Waiting like a stone?

Have you ever fall asleep while waiting for the internet browser to open a page? Tired of downloading and streaming?

Want it to be faster than usual?

Did you know what makes your internet connection slow? According to this video, Windows reserves 20% of your bandwidth for Windows Updates. Which mean you only surfing or downloading at only 80% from what you pay every month. Didn't notice that? Get it back. You pay for internet, get full bandwidth now!!!

This is how to reclaim that bandwidth by modifying the local computer policy.

Try it now!!! Then tell me about it... Share it with your friends!


I was called to write this issue after having my warm bali water at mamak last night. There's a bunch of guy riding "they think it's cool" kapcai and park nearby. They sit next to my table and waiting for more "rempits" to come and join them. I've never had bad impression about this so called rempit until last night. I just want to have a peaceful late night drink but they really pissed me off. I thought they're rude on road (as stated by the media) but also off road. They start distracting other customers and acting like a "samseng" at a peaceful restaurant. Come on, people go to mamak to eat, drink and socialize! Not to show how cocky or "cool" you are with your bike. No sound and air pollution are welcomed. Go somewhere else.

May be one day there would be Outlaw Championship for them so we can overcome their problem. Dont stop teenagers to express creativity, but guide them!! Its always gonna be my principle. So allow them, but with very strict regulation. The championship could test 'wheelie', 'stoppie' (weikang), and freestyle ability for each contestant. But they have to follow the safety regulation provided by the organizer. Motorsports are dangerous. But safety precaution taken would avoid unexpected consequences. Dont block them, dont isolate them. Transform their caziness into something that we can enjoy together.

Love your "motorcycle" is not a crime. Suicide is your problem. Dont drag others into your problems.

Listen to what Akhil Hayy wanna say.

This post might sound stoopid, but there's nothing wrong with being stoopid.

How to make poached egg (sunny side up) ?

Did you know how to make poached egg or fried egg (thank you Id for word) ? You can try this one day. Then tell me the taste. Maybe it can be commercialized. HEHE :p

Bicycle is a useful transport!!!

Optimize your bicycle.
Save your life or your bicycle?
Bicycle is tough!!!

The man who invent bicycle would never believe this....

Safety first. Remember your loved one! Your life is priceless. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

Upin & Ipin 6th Episode

Upin: "Hai... saya upin..yang ini adek saya ipin.."
Ipin: "Hai..."
Upin: "Ini kisah kami berdua..."
Ipin: "Hurm..."


6th episode: Hari Raya
After a month fasting, now it’s time for Upin & Ipin to celebrate Hari Raya. Asking for duit raya? Watch it yourself.

Nak duit raya...

Upin & Ipin 5th Episode

Upin: "Hai... saya upin..yang ini adek saya ipin.."
Ipin: "Hai..."
Upin: "Ini kisah kami berdua..."
Ipin: "Hurm..."


5th episode: Esok Raya
In this episode, the twin tell us about their day before raya. This time they've been bullied again by Kak Ros. Still cute and adorable. Watch it more with kaykay.

Selamat hari raya from kaykay.

Asian International Motorcycle Expo

Believe it or not Asia does not have a dedicated bike show. This is surprising because Asia is the largest market for motorcycles and it is also the largest producers of motorcycles. That has changed last weekend when Malaysia became host to the Asian International Motorcycle Expo which has taken place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center from 18th to 21st October 2007.

The champ!!! From Chicara Art. Congratulations!!! It was an amazing feeling for the first time to see Chicara Art's bike. Old Skool metal machine have won the heart of the judges and visitors.

Heavens Custom old skool bike

This event has given great chance for bikers to see the latest machines that are available on the market and also allow the biking fraternity to meet in Malaysia outside of MotoGP environment. It is an honorable chance to meet big names and famous custom bikes including Chicara, Matt Hotch, Russell Mitchell, Chica, and Kenji Nagai. AMD Championship which is the Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building has attracted builders from all over the world and been the major highlight for this event.

Drag Monster from Indonesian Custom

Malaysian Pride from Locklaq team! Great Job guys!!!

Unfortunately they didn't win the judges. However their participation in AMD Custom opened the eye of the world about Malaysia. We can!!! And we ROCK!!!
visit locklaq.com

This is what we called a "JAHAT" motor!!!

More custom bike...

Where's the "tongkat"?

Green and Yellow but not from Kedah. Hahaha

Ain't that cool? Ride for Life

My mates with the fame Russel Mitchell. From veterinary to custom bike, make the Exile Cycles booth pack and crowded. Visitors taking their chance to meet Russel Mitchell from Exile Cycles who are famous with "BLACK" bike. You can visit their official site for more detail about their contribution to the motor world. visit www.exilecycles.com now!!

I really hope that this event will be an annually event in our calendar. Let's hope for more builders and manufacturers to participate in the next coming years.

Proton Raya Advertisement

Selamat Hari Raya....raya festive will be coming next week. "Balek Kampung" fever is coming. I'll be back to my hometown with my beloved brother. (Thank you bang cik!!!) And yet, be careful on your journey. Remember your love one. Be more patience on the road during this holiday. Drive safely, and enjoy your journey. This is a hari raya community advice from proton. Buckle up!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri....