My Heart Says


Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad

We will miss her Petronas advertisement...
We will miss her extraordinary movies...
We will miss her critics...

I hope we will continue her works, journey and ideas in entertainment biz. Please dont let our cinemas play cheap movies from A Razak Mohaideen. We need more movies like Sepet, Gubra, TalentTime, Transformers and Lord of The Rings. Ooops sorry.. may be one day we will be able to produce better than Transformers. At least we can match Sivaji The Boss..hehehe

May Yasmin rest in peace...

If Firefox is a serigala api....

Huhu this is my first time writing my blog post in my office. Huhuhu sunday nite and I am working? my responsibility...huhu

If computer jargons being localize....


photoshop – kedai gambar
fireworks – bunga api
flash – silau/menyuluh/memancar
dreamweaver – mengulit mimpi / sedang bermimpi
after effects – kesan selepas / kesan lepas tu
premiere pro – professional terulung
lightroom – bilik cahaya bridge – jambatan
Illustrator – pelukis
Encore – tepuk tangan??adobe
Go Live – Pergi Hidup inDesign – reka dalam
onLocation – dekat lokasi

Google products.

Most of them carry a simple naming convention ( Maps, Earth, Talk, Desktop,Wave ) so i just took some of them
youtube – tiub kamu
Sketch up – lukisan diatas
Feedburner – pembakar benda yang dimakan

Apple products

Mighty Mouse – Tikus yang gagah
Front Row – Barisan Hadapan
Safari – Taman Negara?
Quicktime – cepatlah masa!
Preview – tengok sket!
Time Machine – mesin masa
Bootcamp – Khidmat Negara (ROFL)
applecare – jaga epal
final cut pro – pemotongan buat kali terakhir secara professional (ultimate P4WNAGE!)

for more translation, please visit http://nazri.flavert.com/

May be A Samad Said and all the "anti-Teaching Math and Science in English" supporters should ask our government to localize all the terms above. Can someone translate it in Tamil or Mandarin?

Why make it a big issue? Even with teaching Math and Science in Bahasa Malaysia, our children are still going to McD, Nandos and KFC. We still can see our daughters with red, orange even blonde hair. Our sons are still watching English Premier League, Spanish La Liga. Small kids are still begging for Thomas and Friends, Ben 10 and Hello Kitty's t-shirt and toys. Whos fault?

Ask yourself.

Kenapa perlu politikkan isu ini? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

poor this girl, she has a chance to improve her english. it has been buried.

I am a rural school product. Last time, we were only exposed to English language only in English class. I believe it is still the same now. Or may be almost similar. But the thing is, I believe that majority of the students in rural area would never be exposed with English language outside English class. How many of them read English newspapers or other English reading materials? How many of them would speak English with their parent and family?

Children learn better when they are young.

Sekadar gambar hiasan
apakah dengan belajar matematik dan sains dalam bahasa malaysia, mereka di atas akan berbaju kurung dan berbaju melayu?

If someone say: "Eleh mamat ni, bajet tulis blog dalam bahasa inggeris da terer la konon. Ayat tunggang langgang nak berlagak"

I say: "At least I try. Setidak-tidaknya saya mencuba menulis dalam bahasa inggeris. saya boleh menulis dalam bahasa malaysia juga. Bukankah saya sudah boleh menulis dalam dua bahasa. Lebih baik dari satu bahasa sahaja."