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FREE... yes it's free!!!

Every day we heard complains and more complains. "Aiyah...manyak mahal lo..." or "harga ini barang, suma suda naik juga...hari-hari ini macam, india juga lari..." or "nate...bakpe mahal nok mapuh..." or "peliaq chak ka la...hari-hari nak naik harga...@$@%@%@#". That's how people express their feeling about our economic condition. By hook or by crook, we have to adapt it as our National Bank (bank negara) have stated that the inflation rate have rise from 2% to 3.1% in 2006 and they've expecting that figure to maintain for a few more years depending on our economic growth. Therefore, Malaysians should be more keen spending their budget daily.

However, I have a great news to all my visitors, you can now save your budget on your phone by using free sms service available on internet. Yes it's free. I would like to share a few free sms websites with you.

This is one of the hottest free sms provider in Malaysia. All you need to do are register with them and start using the service. It's really free without limitation. For more details you can click on Mobik page.

This another free sms provider. I used this page few years ago and i find it quiet intresting and easy to use. For me, it's a good option for anyone who are out of credit. Or may be you need to save it for something elses. Still need to register before using it, and you need to enter your phone no. for account verification. Try it at SMS.ac

This one is more like an application. I knew about this application from a friend who send it to me. He said it's very useful if you need to send a lot of sms at the same time. I have'nt try it yet, but from the user reviews i think it's still a good one because it's free. Download the application from SMSCaster.com

MyElectone is not only provide you with free sms service, but also a lot more fun and intresting stuffs in there. Try yourself and tell your friends about it. Also need you to register before using the service. Try it at MyElectone.com.

SMSNow provides you with free sms service and a lot more fun and intresting stuffs in there for mobile user. Try yourself and tell your friends about it. Also need you to register before using the service. Try it at SendSMSNow

I knew about this web from a friend of mine. He told me about the free sms service. You can find more information by clicking MyLoveSMS.com

So, you get plenty of options here, dont waste your time and money. Save your credit!!! Enjoy the free service.

This is where the registered user can send message to anyone for free. So you can sign up to send free sms. Also few more fun services available for mobile user. Find out more at ETSsmsFree.

This site provide free sms service only for the celcom user. But I don't know how success it is. But you may try it. And Have fun at ICC.

I did the review truly for information sharing. I will not responsible for any problem occured when you used the services or any inappropriate conduct by any party. Enjoy it yourself.

Love yourself..peace...

Football to Morale

I've been surfing for hours and looking for anything on the net. From youtube where you can view any kind of videos, online newspapers, footbal clubs, and also searching for new tools from the net.

Here i would like to share links for some of the most popular football club official websites:
You can click on the link to enter.

If any of you would like to get more info about EPL, La Liga, Serie A or any football league you may visit a few football or sports website with the best sports coverage:
For local online newspapers, please click on:

Another intresting part is I visit a few other blogs and found few more intresting content. It shows the malay beauty tips in a very weird but intresting way. For me, I look in the positive way of telling people but may be a bit synical. Who cares? Hahaha for my viewers, may be the page can give you a few lesson, for you girls and boys. Be more careful, and don't forget to read all the tips in the page. Still got no idea? It's MyKakis.net, where they manipulate the malay scandals into something more synical. It's up to us either to agree or not, but for me, we should realize who we are, and where we are. We should realize with our morale problems, and try to find the best solutions so our childrens would be the best product of our country!!!
Here some photos from the web that should change our view of this issue. It shouldn't be taken lightly. Our local authority should take actions about this morale issue:

Think about the future of our teenagers. Take actions now!!!

Mari Bersama Mak Cik !!?

I've received an email from a friend of mine, he attached a video "Mari Bersama Makcik.3gp". After I opened it i was shocked and praying for forgiveness "astaghfirullah..". The video showed a mak cik (which i prefer to called it "nenek") wearing tudung(hijab) doing some disgusting sex paractice which for me totally unacceptable.

What is wrong with our people??? What is wrong with that old women? If I meet her, the first thing i would like to ask is, "pasepa makcik buat lagu tu?" (why did you do that?)....even if she did it with her husband, why she did she let it to be recorded? This is the new millennium... Everything can spread so fast. 9.01 a.m a man got shot in Perlis, 9.10(considering slow internet connection) the Johorians would notice about it.

Why dont Malaysian adults leave that job to the teenagers?? haha I think everybody noticed how expert Malaysians today....Hundreds of adult websites have been publish, showing local 'products'...from 3gp videos to thousand of pictures showing our girls and boys making love even in public. You might think this topic is rubbish, but please, at least we know our problem. Government should do something with this problem. Not just arguing among the politicians, about his or her misconduct, pointing here and there. Government should try to stop this pornography fever among Malaysians. Then start to educate Malaysian about sexual education. We need to help our teenagers. Stop blaming and pointing at each other. Stop all the talks, coloqiums and speeches. Start the actions.

May be our government didn't realize how chronic this problem can be...may be not if one of their daugters or sons photo have been publish in the internet. Then they will realize that our teenagers are really "creative".


It's a full tough week, and i'll be facing it for few more weeks until 16th of May. Damn, cant wait to finish my final exam. I didn't use my study week well and now i have to pay for it. 1st paper will always haunting me before the final exam starts. Hahaha even its only a BEL 490 paper (Speech Communication) ...some people might laugh if I study an English paper, but for me it's a big deal because I speak, write and dream in Malay. I eat nasi lemak in the morning, sambal belacan for my lunch and "goreng pisang" during tea-time. I am proud to be a Malaysian!!! A country where malay,chinese,indian and can mix up, share their table, work together and eat together. Thanks to our former leaders who make it happened!!!

Back to the story, after my 1st paper, i still have 7 more papers but I'm still sit in front of my PC, surfing, chatting and playing games. The worst part is my housemates only have 2 or 3 papers left. Damn...While they finished their final exams, i still have 4 papers to face. Still a long way to go an I'm still here, doing nothing beneficial for my future. My future? Dont ask me because honestly I cant see what am I going to be! Just hoping that I can be somebody who at least didn't bother anyone. Hahaha....

Stuck in my room, with notes everywhere, books...and cigarattes...hahaha with winamp, creative sounds, youtube, and YM, it's a small planet for me, the emirates planet. My Arsenal jersey hung on the wall, waiting for a big win from the young lads before i can wear it again.

Its a sunny day here in Shah Alam which is the first evening in this week without a raindrop. I've prepare myself for a sleeping marathon but spoiled by the weather. You know how good it is to sleep with a full-stomach + rainy day. It's like the greatest gift from God for us to close our eyes and let go anything that bother us when we awake. Yes it is!!!

Urm...that's all for now, the sleepy introduction from me because I am sleepy....still lot of things to write, may be later....

"...Love the funeral of heart, and ode for mercy..." -see ya!!!